( We miss Juila as well and we need rp again)

-// Thanks hun. Still can’t say if I’m coming back though, Roleplay, though more important to me than most think has left a sour taste in my mouth up until now. //

-// I can’t believe I’m saying this… But I miss Juliet. Shes one of those muses I just can’t seem to shake. Too bad barely anybody was ever willing to give her an actual chance. /sigh/

I’m torn. I feel like I could make this account so much better now that my muse for writing as returned some, but at the same time I dont even know if it’s worth the second shot? Would anyone other than myself really care?

Well then…

Make some sort of come back or be done with this account once and for all? //

-casually pops head back in- 

Out of Ammo—

-// Just a heads if I suddenly poof be assured I am not ignoring you nor am I pushing you aside to attend to another. I’m currently multi-tasking in hopes of actually finishing all the projects I’m lugging to Anime Expo this year so theres a chance I may become a little distracted or need both hands to operate. 

In terms of lack of inactivity on some of these accounts I apologize. My mood/self-esteem hasn’t been the greatest as of late and it’s a real struggle to even roll myself out of bed some days. I’m also still recovering from injuries {that I oh so stupidly re-injured recently} that I had required earlier this year after a nasty run in with a Prius. Any replies I owe, if any, will be hammered out asap. 

Many thanks~ //


One more word and you won’t survive.

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